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This 555 circuit is an easy way to control hobby servos. It has a continuous variable input from 0-5 volts and can be driven by a wide variety of circuit inputs to include the BEAM bicore, microcore etc.

An easy way to experiment with this circuit is to use a signal generator so that you can input a variety of waveforms (such as a sine) and play with the DC offset, frequency and amplitude and see how the servo reacts.

A single transistor sine oscillator as an input with the 555 circuit can make a simple walker. A couple of photo cells as a voltage divider and summed at the input can make a light following photo walker. This is called an OISM (Oscillating Infinite State Machine) which is a branch of Neuromorphic robotics (BEAM is a separate branch but it all follows the BEAM philosophy).

This circuit can also be used with the speed control found in radio controlled airplanes and cars. Just plug it in and go!

You can use a radio controlled aircraft type gyro between the 555 circuit and the servo/motor.

This circuit can also be used with servos that are modified for continuous motion to make a wide variety of rovers.

I believe this circuit has been around since the early 1980's but I haven't seen it's use in robotics.

A thermistor and the 555 servo driver can make a heat damper.



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