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[edit] Welcome (potential) Supporters

This Wiki is still in its infancy! We need much more Information.

[edit] How to edit

A hopefully comprehensive editing help section is provided. As with any other page: If you think it can be improved: Do it! The (external) MediaWiki User's Guide can give you much more information on using the wiki software.

[edit] What needs improvement

Currently the following sections need major rework:

  • BEAM Basics and BEAM Principles is a complete mess! It needs to be restructured and new content needs to be added. If you got clever tricks, just dump them there. If you think you can come up with a more consistent structure – try it out.
  • BEAM Robots needs much more examples and we need much more BEAM Tutorials. There should be much more cross references, especially regarding the use of solar engines - I think that will be my next task.
  • Check out the wanted pages - perhaps there is something you can contribute.

If you own BEAM site be sure to add it under BEAM Sites.

Perhaps at some stage of the project money will become a problem (right now I am already fighting with my hoster about the resources I need). If that happens I think I will first add google ads or ask for donations. But this will be discussed later.

[edit] Future upgrades

If there is anything missing which is not related to editing in the wiki, which needs extensions or installation: Check out the upgrade page BEAM_Wiki:Upgrades and add it in the discussion there!

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