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The BEAM Glossary says:

Many BEAMers have set up their own BEAM related websites. This Wiki is a good example of a site that was established by a BEAMer, in this case Marcus Nowotny. And of course the material found here has been created, provided and/or improved by BEAMers.


[edit] Meet The BEAMers

First, a few BEAMers of special significance.

[edit] Mark W. Tilden

THE FOUNDING FATHER of BEAM Robotics and the man to whom each and every BEAMer owes a debt of gratitude and thanks.
He gave us all a different and better way of turning our dreams of building robots into a reality.

[edit] Wilf Rigter

Considered by most BEAMers to be THE Master BEAMer, Wilf has given more to the BEAM community than ant other BEAMer with the only possible exception being Mark Tilden

[edit] The Original BEAM Heretic

AKA Your Friendly Hog Father, AKA Zoz, AKA Zozzles T. Freep, AKA John A. deVries II, AKA Jean auBois

Always ready to don his flame retardant suit and challenge BEAM orthodoxy; John has kept us BEAMers honest and on our toes by challenging claims that he believes are unfounded, unproven and given to much credibility.

[edit] Master BEAMers

A Master BEAMer is an individual who has:

  • Regularly provided assistance to other BEAMers
  • Written significant articles or tutorials that have clarified certain BEAM principles, concepts or techniques.
  • Developed a significant BEAM robots, circuits or mechanisms

By doing so the Master BEAMer has advanced and expanded the world of BEAM robotics.

[edit] Associate BEAMers

An Associate BEAMer is a person who worked with Mark Tilden's in his research, and therefore played some part in the development of BEAM Robotics

[edit] BEAM Contributors

A BEAM Contributor is someone who has created a BEAM robot, circuit or Mechanism that proven to be very useful, or inspired, other BEAMers in some way. These people may not consider themselves to be Master BEAMer, but their contributions to BEAM robotics is no less significant.

[edit] External BEAMer Sites

Be sure to check out the many BEAMer websites hosted by

[edit] Not Quite BEAMers

These are individual who are or have been involved in building robots or doing research that can be applied to robotics, which although not specifically BEAM in the purest sense of the term, their robots and research represent concepts and techniques that are similar to BEAM in some way, or that might inspire new ideas and solutions, or potentially useful to designers and builders of BEAM robots and circuits.

[edit] Non-BEAMers Worth Noting

These are individual who have Written books, created websites, designed and/or built robots or other robot related items or materials that, although not specifically BEAM, might provide inspiration or solutions that are potentially useful to designers and builders of BEAM robots and circuits.

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