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with kind permission by wasabi design.
with kind permission by wasabi design.

Generally speaking, electronics is the science and technology of performing some useful action by controlling and manipulating flow of electrons or other carriers of electric charge. Today this is generally accomplished by the use of semiconductor devices' such as transistors and integrated circuits.

In a circuit, these semiconductor devices are the active components. Passive components used in conjunction with semiconductor devices include capacitors, resistors, coils, etc.

Electronics form brain and/or the nervous system of any robot, and thus a good understanding of the subject is important to any robot builder.It is especially important for BEAMers since a BEAMer will usually not be able to rely on cleverly written software to work around any weaknesses in the design of the electronic systems.

The items below include links to information and tutorials about basic electronics and electronics related skills which go beyond the scope of this wiki.

Also listed are links to BEAM circuits, concepts, and techniques, followed by links to circuits, concepts, and techniques that although not BEAM in the purest sense, still represent ideas and information that BEAMers may find inspiring and potentially very useful.


[edit] Basic Electronics


[edit] It's The Law

[edit] Electronics Tutorials

A nice and free copyleft electronics ebook FEEE - Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Electronics, based on material originally written by T.R. Kuphaldt and various co-authors was released by the Virtual Institute of Applied Science.

[edit] Identifying Component Values & Uses

[edit] Capacitors

[edit] Resistors

[edit] RC Circuits

[edit] BEAM Electronics

This section contians links to articles and pages in this wiki that pertain to BEAM circuits and related subjects.

[edit] Also See:

  • Not Quite BEAM Electronics: This page contains links to publications, web sites about circuits and concepts that although not specifically BEAM in the purest sense of the term, still represent material and techniques that are similar or related to BEAM in some way to, and/or that could prove to be useful to designers and builders of BEAM robots and circuits.

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