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Nand gate symbol and Truth Table
Nand gate symbol and Truth Table
  • A contraction of NOT and AND, a NAND gate is one the basic logic gates, and THE basic building block of almost all digital devices.

Using only Nand gates, it is possible to build any of the basic logic gates of digital electronics, and thus, nearly anything in digital electronics.

As shown in the truth table on the right, as long as either or both of its inputs are held low, then its output will remain high. The output of a typical two input NAND gate will go low only when both of its inputs are pulled high.

The 74*00 (a quad, two input NAND gate) is a commonly available IC that contains four individual "NAND" gates, in a fourteen pin package. See the 74HC/HCT00 Datasheet for specific information.

The 74*132 is a Schmitt trigger version of the Quad, 2-Input, NAND gate chip. See the 74HC/HCT132 datasheet for specifics.

There are also Nand ICs in which the gate(s) have more then two inputs including:

As would be expected, all of the inputs of each NAND gates must be pulled high for it's outputs to go low.

Check out the " AND with that said..." section of the Making Gates article (in this wiki) for a simple way to make your own custom "NAND" gate.

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