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NOTE: The material on this page has been derived from the original Rope-Climbing rules page,which was part of the now defunct LANL BEAM site. An archived copy of that page can be found > HERE <

IT SHOULD ALSO BE NOTED that inclusion of these rules as part of the BEAM Wiki does not mean that the event has been part of every BEAM Robotics Competitions nor does it mean that the event will be a part of any current or future BEAM Robotics Competitions

A list of General Rules for the BEAM Robot Game, also from the original LANL BEAM site, can be found > HERE <.

Remember that the listed rules date back to the original LANL BEAM site, and may have been changed considerably for current competitions.


[edit] Object:

Build a self-starting robotic device which climbs up a 1 meter rope and then climbs down. Fastest to complete the climb and return wins.

[edit] Competitor Design Parameters: Rope Climb

  1. Competing devices must initially fit within a 20 inch cube. Robot competitors are not allowed to drop, throw, separate, or leave behind any part of their chassis during their run. Competitors must finish with everything they started with.
  2. Robot Competitors must not deliberately damage the rope, judges, or spectators in any way. The judges will disqualify any competitor they feel represents a danger.
  3. Competing devices cannot have any other contact with the environment except by means of the rope. The trailing rope can be held within the competing device if desired.
  4. Competing devices cannot have parts removed or added to them between climbs, with the exception of replacing broken components necessary to the operation of the vehicle, at a half point deduction per time. Battery replacement constitutes a half point penalty.
  5. The competitor must be either self-starting, activated by radio, infra-red signal, or sound. When it starts to move, there must have been no human contact with the device for at least 5 seconds, and the device must be at a reasonable state of rest at the bottom of the rope (i.e.: not swinging violently).
  6. The device must use only mechanical power, or mechanical power converted from a source of electrical energy. Chemical, compressed gas, rockets, pre-tensioned springs, or combustion power methods are not allowed. Competing devices must contain their own power source.
  7. Lift assisting devices like balloons are not permitted (functional anti-gravity devices are the exception to this rule). Before starting, the device must be demonstrated to be at full mechanical rest potential as far as the structure will allow.

[edit] Climbing Platform

The climbing rope is 40 pound test nylon fishing line suspended from a rigid overhang. There will be no other obstacles within one meter of the rope.

The rope is 40lb test nylon fishing line, and for simplicity, may be incorporated as part of the competing device. The 2.1 meter rope will not be weighted, but just hanging freely. The device must climb from a measured 10cm location near the bottom of the 1 meter line, to above or at the 1.1m location before starting its downward decent. The 1 meter distance will be measured from the bottom of the climbing devices point of contact with the rope, but to be fair, the device must lift at least half its mass past the finish point. Devices will be raced in pairs, or individually if the builders so desire.

[edit] Competition Procedure

Competition will be a first up, first down race. time will be clocked from the first moment the device starts to climb. Devices will be judged on climb-time, mechanical originality, and quality of workmanship.

As with most competitions, bonus points will be awarded for any solar-powered entries.

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