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Robotics is an ever growing field. Like every area of special interest, certain terms and expressions have become an intrinsic part of robotics.

These can sometimes become a stumbling block to understanding what is being said and/or done. Especially to newbies. Thus the reason for creating a BEAM Glossary. It will act as a repository of terminology used by BEAMers and others involved in designing, building or experimenting with robots and/or robot related subjects.

Clicking on a particular term listed within the glossary will take you to it's definition, or to an article explaining that term.

NOTE: As a result of the growing number of term included in this glossary, it has become neccesary to devide it into three seaparate pages.

[edit] Glossary - A though M




C cont.






H cont.






> Click HERE < to return to the top of this list.

> Click HERE < to be fowarded to a list of terms and expressions beginning with the letters N through Z

> Click HERE < to be fowarded to a list of Acronyms, Abbreviations, Prefixes and Suffixes.

Please help to grow the BEAM Glossary and the Acronyms & Abbreviations page, by adding to, and expanding upon the definitions and explanations they contain. The more complete they are, the more useful they will be.

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