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The BEAM Glossary says:

The famous Walkmanby Mark Tilden
The famous Walkman
by Mark Tilden

  • A term used when referring to a legged robot that moves from one place to another by lifting and shifting the position of its legs in a controlled sequence.

There are a large number of walking BEAM robots around (you have to admit, they just plain look neat!). The simplest is based on a single motor, two legs, and a little "idler" wheel that is dragged along behind (see Wilf's uCrawler for more details).

The most common design by far is some variation or another on a theme -- a 4-legged, 2-motor robot. These rely on a clever balance, and inter-motor timing to create a walking gait.

Less-common, but increasingly popular, are walkers with 3, 4, or even more motors. Obviously, the more motors a walker has, the more varied its behavior can be (but along with this comes an increase in both mechanical and electronic complexity, as well as cost).

[edit] Walker Types

By Leg Count By Motor Count Special Configurations

[edit] Walker Tutorials

[edit] Leg Mechanisms

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